Black Walnut

We harvested black walnuts in the Hudson Valley and used them to overdye the TS_01 T-Shirt. We bundle dyed 10 shirts which each have a one of a kind pattern. The video below visually documents the process.

Organic Cotton

We use organic cotton grown in Texas by Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Collective (TOCMC). The raw cotton is then shipped to North Carolina where it is spun and knit into our organic cotton jersey. The rolls of fabric are then shipped to our manufacturing facility in New York to be made into our TS_01 product. Here is a short video of the cotton harvesting in Texas.

Video Credit : Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Collective (TOCMC)


The ink we use for all our screen printing is made from Algae. LivingInk starts with spirulina, a cyanobacteria used as a health supplement, and creates a carbon black ink. It is 100% biodegradable.

Special Thanks to : Mycosymbiote and APSCO Sports Ent.